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World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. It was established in the early 90s by the World Federation of Mental Health. More than 43 million Americans battle with mental health, imagine the total amount of people in the world. However our understanding of mental health has grown as we've become not only sensitive to those who might have mental issues and lessen the use of words like "crazy" and "lunatic" in describing people. But our self-awareness within ourselves and our own families & friends have enlighten us to be proactive in getting help and learning how to deal with it daily. It's so much information out there that can help different individuals, and as we evolve as a society we will continue to learn and grow in the understanding of mental health.


  1. Do Group Therapy in the Workplace Register for a group therapy workshop at your place of work. This can allow you and your coworkers to express themselves in a safe environment. We tend to hold onto the idea that pushing through and carrying on is the best way, but issues can arise unexpectedly if they aren't properly dealt with.

  2. Practice Self-Care There are many changes you can make to your life that can continue beyond World Mental Health Day. Developing a regular sleep routine, adjusting your diet to healthier options, taking lunch breaks, and going on long walks are just some of the options. The point of self-care is to understand your specific needs. Find time to ask yourself what you want and go for it.

  3. Follow The Theme Each year there’s a new theme and even if it doesn’t directly involve your struggles, you can still learn from it. Spend some time and research the subject. Awareness extends beyond yourself and it could provide you with the proper tools to better understand others.


  1. Identify the problem The idea of the mind is an abstract concept and this day allows us to think about our thoughts. We’re evolving beyond outdated perceptions and releasing the stigma of mental health so that we can properly diagnose it and take care of ourselves. With the burden and fear removed from mental health issues, the battle becomes considerably easier.

  2. Share your pain This day reminds you that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Too often we think that we’re the only ones facing a hard time. It’s uplifting to know that other people have gone through it and made it out the other end. It reminds you that you can overcome your own pain.

  3. Proper treatment As our understanding of mental health grows, so does our ability to seek proper treatment. With the right therapist and necessary medication, you can operate on a more efficient level. The more accepting we are and the more funding that’s put into research and mental healthcare the greater the global impact.

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