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Holidays Approaching, Are You Ready?

With the holidays right around the corner and the unknown of the Corona virus, how will the holidays look for you and your family this year? Will you be able to continue family traditions or will you have to make some change in your usual plans? Either way, being prepared, getting organized and doing it early can go a long way in getting ready for the end of 2020. Below are 10 tips for the holiday that can help you stay ahead and stress free.

TIP #1

Stock up on gift cards now for stores you will know you will be shopping at during the holidays. That way when the holidays come, you won't feel as strapped & stressed with holiday spending.

TIP #2

If you're shopping sales right now. Think about your holiday gift list and stock up on items now.

TIP #3

If you already have a stockpile of gifts, take inventory of what you have now. That way you are not overbuying.

TIP #4

If there are certain services you know you will use during the holidays book them now before their appointments fill up. (Ex. caterers, photographers, cleaners, organizers or concierges.)

TIP #5

Book doctor appointments. If you are trying to meet your deductible by the end of the year or spend your FSA money start booking appointments now.

TIP #6

If you tip certain service people like lawn services, cleaning services, nannies, etc., during the holidays, start putting cash in envelopes for them that way you don't forget and you're ahead of the game.

TIP #7

Start your holiday card list. Make sure you have correct address and take advantage of card sales when they are happening. Dollar stores are also great source to purchase cards for low prices.

TIP #8

Paying for certain holiday services early or doing a pre-order will often give you bigger discounts.

TIP #9

Always ask stores for discounts and to price compare. Some stores will take expired coupons, discount various items if a box is damaged and sometimes you can even add on a coupon after price matching for even bigger savings. It doesn't hurt to ask and the worst then can say is no.

TIP #10

Start decluttering your home now. Start with areas that are often used during the holidays like kitchens, pantries, guest bedroom, kids rooms, playrooms, etc. Donate, sell or give away your no longer needed items.

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